Jude Law: Side Effects Getaway Artist
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Jude Law: Side Effects Getaway Artist

Jude Law has been around the celebrity block or two.  On both sides of the pond.  This very fact put in motion his great escape from the Side Effects Q&A screening at Lincoln Center a few days ago after the dashing Brit spotted a horde of autograph seekers awaiting his departure outside the service gate street level and attempted to exercise some evasive maneuvering.

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But daresay we too have been around a few blocks ourselves.  And when we got a glimpse of his doubling back from the awaiting throng we slid ourselves out of the mix with a little two step shuffle and managed to beat the British hottie out of the alternate gate to procure ourselves a few keepsakes.

What can we tell ya’ll, we  love ourselves some Law.

Sometimes one must do what one must do…

Much has been said of Law’s prowess – papi is banging! – and even more on his hairline, as if it would deter anyone, but our penchant for a taste has never wavered and couldn’t add more to it other than that his cheekiness is welcomed – ANYTIME!  With total discretion.

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