Jude Law: Side Effects Getaway Artist

Jude Law has been around the celebrity block or two.  On both sides of the pond.  This very fact put in motion his great escape from the Side Effects Q&A screening at Lincoln Center a few days ago after the dashing Brit spotted a horde of autograph seekers awaiting his departure outside the service gate […]

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Hugh Jackman: The Wolverine Set in Japan

Aren’t we glad Aussie hotness Hugh Jackman is continuing his run as the adamantium clawed Wolverine!  He rocks that role fiercely.  Here is a look of the set while filming in Japan. The film, presently listed as being in post-production – with a July release, will co-star Will Yun Lee, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Hiroyuki Sanada, Hal Yamanouchi, […]

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Beyonce: House of Mirrors Super Bowl Show

The nation is all up on the Beyonce Super-Bowl half-time show.  We marvel at the public’s fascination with it.  It was indeed elaborate – for Bey.  But aside from the grandiose staging of a Beyonce video montage, we didn’t really see a cause for the OMG response.  Yes, she sang live but she sounded winded from the […]

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Tyler Perry: It May Take a While

Madea mastermind Tyler Perry tell us “it may take a while.”  Such a header begs you to follow it where-ever it may lead.  And what we, and many others, found were words telling of a time, decades ago, when Perry himself was at the receiving end of some much needed generosity that would one day […]

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Cheyenne Jackson: Don’t Wanna Know

Stumbling upon Cheyenne Jackson’s “Don’t Wanna Know” music video came as a pleasant surprise.  Awwww hell, it was more than that, but it’s much too early to get that blood surge redirecting.   Sure he is a talented Broadway staple in the NYC theater community and red carpet events on both coasts.  Papi gets around.  And we […]

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