Rooney Mara: Side Effects Lincoln Ctr QnA
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Rooney Mara: Side Effects Lincoln Ctr QnA

Rooney Mara made one lucky fan’s night as she left the Walter Reade Theater post special Q&A screening of “Side Effects,” last night.  As she was being trailed by a swarm of autograph hounds, all calling for her attention, Mara spotted one lone Asian fan out of the corner of her eye as she attempted to make her way back to the “House of Cards” fete at Alice Tully Hall.

Mara assuredly had in mind rejoining her sister Kate Mara who she had started her evening off with on the red carpet of the Netflix hosted screening.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo starlet’s stop was, however, unpremeditated as she attempted to keep her eye contact to a minimum and her head down as she made headway East-bound on West 65 Street.  Lo and behold she stopped to sign her John Hancock, bringing her entire entourage to a halt and the professionals scrambling for a break in the crowd.

You can clearly see the glee pouring out of the lucky recipient.  All the while the remaining gang of workers, vying for a signature to merit their wages, continued to infiltrate the team of security accompanying the starlet to her destination.

Mara’s co-star in the film and Q&A participant opted for a back-up plan once he spotted the horde awaiting his departure out of the alternate theater exit.

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