Beyonce: House of Mirrors Super Bowl Show
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Beyonce: House of Mirrors Super Bowl Show

The nation is all up on the Beyonce Super-Bowl half-time show.  We marvel at the public’s fascination with it.  It was indeed elaborate – for Bey.  But aside from the grandiose staging of a Beyonce video montage, we didn’t really see a cause for the OMG response.  Yes, she sang live but she sounded winded from the get-go!

Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce ain’t.

Fans of the horse haired beauty we are not.

All it took was her dad making her out to be the NEW Diana Ross to squelch any liking of the fair skinned wanna-be.

There is only ONE Ms. Ross.

But we can’t take away from her how good she looked post birthing her 1st child.  Nor can we take extending her credit for sharing her stage (we didn’t think she would be that generous…) if albeit for what appeared to be 30 seconds.

But did she in fact dismiss her Destiny’s Child alum off the stage?

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