John Hawkes: Untitled Elmore Leonard Project in CT
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John Hawkes: Untitled Elmore Leonard Project in CT

For those of you who don’t know, John Hawkes is an OSCAR nominated actor.  He has co-starred in countless films and is presently co-starring in Untitled Elmore Leonard Project alongside Jennifer Aniston.

We think of her as being box office poison but that is an entirely other topic.

Our own thoughts of Aniston’s on-screen success – or lack there of, aside, it was truly with her in mind that we decided to pay the set a visit during their Greenwich, CT action scene shoot which was slated to spill out onto the street and escalate into not only a fight scene but give way to a chase.

(More pics after the jump…)

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?  And yes, tabloids love her – so why not take a short drive.

A little bird had mentioned that the production was granted a day pass to block off a road even until well into the afternoon so we figured it a perfect day for our visit.

That schedule, however, just happened to coincide with Aniston’s birthday and wouldn’t you know it…  There was no Aniston to be found.

Evidently ruining countless productions past isn’t enough for her, she must make like her DOB is a national holiday.  The ex-Mrs. Pitt was no where to be found.  Overpaid she is!

No matter, we thought.  Hawkes is, after all, a tour-de-force on screen and not bad to look at.  We like them thin!  What else can we tell y’all.  Long and lanky makes for a good horizontal time is our stand.

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