Cheyenne Jackson: Don’t Wanna Know
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Cheyenne Jackson: Don’t Wanna Know

Stumbling upon Cheyenne Jackson’s “Don’t Wanna Know” music video came as a pleasant surprise.  Awwww hell, it was more than that, but it’s much too early to get that blood surge redirecting.  

Sure he is a talented Broadway staple in the NYC theater community and red carpet events on both coasts.  Papi gets around.  And we will abstain from pointing out how he has become a wet dream for many an unidentified observer.

But the fact of the matter is that his vocal prowess hasn’t followed his sex appeal to gay and straight audiences alike and gone mainstream.  We couldn’t tell y’all why really.  Body, beauty and vocals, all man-scapingly packaged for presentation.  What’s the problem?

Well here is Jackson doing his thing in a love lost broken hearted themed score.

We’ll leave to it as we go and try to regain the strength in our knees.

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