Kate Upton: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover – Again
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Kate Upton: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover – Again

Stop the presses.  Kate Upton will grace the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine’s 2013 Swimsuit issue – again.  Allegedly.  That’s if this here leaked version turns out to be real.  Ain’t that something?  Well, actually, probably not.  Call us slow, or whatever the hell you like, but we don’t really see the meltdown folks experience over Upton.

Not really…

Sure, we love ourselves some tits and ass – who doesn’t, especially in a fabulous bikini.  But to hear folks go on about Upton its like they think she has gold parts with a diamond trail down the crack of her ass underneath that small piece of fabric.

Yeah, we see how SI could (& in all likelihood would) sensationalize this as a 1st ever back to back covers – or sum such – to maximize TV media coverage.  Cuz y’all know, she has that gold part and diamonds trail, but from our stand point its been done b4 and wheres the novelty or discovery for that matter.

Give us some new ingenue or move on already.

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